Is this seat taken?
Location  Wilhemina Winkel, Art Lab, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Year 2009
Role Zaishu Director

Amsterdam Project
Wilhelmina Winkel

Painting, collage, stencils, tattoo designs, burning, silkscreen and tyre prints are a few of the techniques used by the Dutch on their Zaishu panels. Hosted in a raw industrial warehouse, Art Director Jennette Snape brought together a crew of Amsterdam’s cutting edge designers and artists creating a limited edition of 20 Zaishus art pieces.

Artists: Dolly Rogers, Christopher Costuna & Jennette Snape, Esther Mosselman, Hollywood Mark, Jaap Simonis, Jacob Plooij & Geert Van Kerckhove, Laser 3.14, Naad, Puik Werk, Thomas Reineke, Weasel, Wobbe van der Meulen. Photography by Morten.


Helen Punton