Role Creative Director

The global success of Zaishu is owed to many generous collaborators including the following artists, designers and creative minds.  Special thanks to: Christopher Kaltenbach, Simone LeAmon, Spacecraft, Florence Broadhurst Library, Jan Murphy Gallery, David Bromley, David Band, Angus McDonald, Dumbo Feather Magazine, Third Drawer Down, Citylights Collective, Tin&Ed, Artisan, Cloth, Djaafar El Ghazi, Fred Ting, Rainer Spehl, Bon Gout, Mike Pritchard, Mini Graff, Meg Gold, Moth Design, Russel Kerr, Kerry Punton, Kaz Brecher, Daniel Barbera, Heidi Dokulil, Hande Renshaw, Jennette Snape, Trent Jansen and the hundreds of participants of our Zaishu art projects.


Photography by Meg Gold

Helen Punton