Client Zaishu
Role Co-founder & Creative Director

Zaishu was a partnership between designers Matthew Butler & Helen Punton.

Zaishu, launched at ACCA in 2004 is recognized as a pioneer in artistic and eco design. From our earliest days we have been involved with an amazingly diverse range of local and international communities as well as fellow artists and designers to create artwork for our iconic slot-together seat/table.

Zaishu is the richer for having traditional Indian sign-writers, graffiti artists, school kids, tribal artists and many more involved in our participatory art projects and exhibitions spanning the globe. From cities including Amsterdam, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Los Angeles, Milan, Mumbai New York, Paris, Seoul, Stockholm, Tokyo, Vienna and Zurich.

The results exhibited in galleries worldwide including Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum which holds several in its permanent collection. Awarded Home Beautiful Magazine’s product of the year, Zaishu was also rated by Vogue Living editor, David Clark, as one of the 20 triumphs of Australian design from the past 20 years.


State of Design Festival: City Lights project. Art Directer: Andy Mac, AACA 2004

St Vincent De Paul painting workshop: Exhibition Space Furniture

Helen Punton